Dancing Community Together!

August danceXchange

Local Dancers Perform in Courtyard danceXchange

The courtyard venue at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater is the perfect summertime dance treat–reminiscent of the early days of modern dance and Isadora Duncan’s outdoor soiree’s or even the iconic Jacob’s Pillow.  The performance begins at 7:00pm and will highlight local dance artists Alexandra Thomsen-Wolfe, Dunamix Dance Project, Brandon Olsen, Jeremy Sewell, Paige Smith, Renee Ferguson, Dani Smith, Just Dance! and Avocado Dance Theatre, along with performances by Maria Tomillo, this month’s special guest artist.

There is still room for local dance groups to get into “the act.”  To register for the open performance, contact us at dancexchange.temecula@gmail.com.

A Free Class Before the performance

The August 21st danceXchange breaks new ground, as we offer a pre-performance “community experience” Spanish Dance “class.”  From 6:30-7:00PM, guest artist Maria Tomillo will offer a fun-filled cultural exchange, open to all community members.  Register for this FREE class, which is sure to include a bit of the beautiful rhythmic Flamenco footwork, at dancexchange.temecula@gmail.com.

A Bit About our Guest Artist, Maria Tomillo Colomo

María Tomillo Colomo  was born in Valladolid (Spain). She began the study of Spanish Dance at seven years under the direction of Mariemma, founder of the Dance School of Valladolid and one of the most famous and prestigious Spanish dancers of the 20th Century. Maria received her degree from the Royal Professional Dance Conservatory “Mariemma” of Madrid in 1996.

Miss Tomillo completed her academic dance background at the Dance School of Valladolid making up Youth Ballet

Maria Tomillo at July danceXchange. Photo by Bea Barnett.

of Castilla and Leon performing as a dancer, choreographer and as a director during a decade. But also her passion and curiosity of dance took her through numerous courses and workshops in Spain, Italy and United States in different dance disciplines: Spanish Dance, Ballet, Modern Dance, Ancient Dance and dance for people with special needs. Some of these experiences have given her the opportunity to contact with other arts like Commedia Dell’ Arte, Drama and Corporal Expression. As well she combined the love of the dance with the music getting her degree in piano in 1995.

At the University of Valladolid, Maria Tomillo finished her Bachelor in Art of History in 1998 and a Master in Dance of the XV and XVI Centuries (magna cum laude) in 2004 while she studied her Doctorate at the same time (1999-2000).

Always interested about the history of dance, Maria choreographed and directed, to the Youth Ballet of Castilla and Leon, a dance work about court dance at the Spanish King Philip II period in 1998 (H.1580.) after two years of researching. She also has worked as a court dance dancer and physical trainer in a variety of Ancient Dance Companies in Spain like Merito et Tempore (2003-2006), Il Gentil Lauro (2006-2010) and Sección Aurea (2010-actually) in which ones dance is always related with music, drama, poetry and even gastronomy and others arts of those centuries. At Sección Aurea, she became also the researcher and the director of the dance department.

Maria Tomillo also taught dance therapy at the Nursing School of the University of Valladolid from 2004-2010. But where she has her heart in it is in the Dance School of Valladolid where she has been a dance teacher since 2000. Maria teaches Spanish Dance, Ballet for beginners, Ancient Dance and dance for people with special needs for all ages.

At the Dance School of Valladolid, Maria created a dance program for people with developmental disabilities in 2001 which it is her passion and love. Since then her duties expanded and now include: director, manager, choreographer and dance teacher of the DyD Company (Dance and Disability). The program began with 6 students and now there are 25. Their ages run between 4 to 24 years old (http://www.companiadyd.blogspot.com). They show their talent and touch the soul of everyone wherever they performance.

Her knowledge in the variety of dance styles she has directed her profession, have provided her several conferences requires and chats from different public and private organization. The last ones and related with her dance job with people with special needs were the conference “Imagine and disability” (2009) for a symposium organized by the Town Hall of Valladolid and the University of Valladolid and workshop in Bolera School for the International Congress The choreological discipline in Europe: problem and perspectives (2009).

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