Dancing Community Together!

Water, Water Everywhere

The February installment of danceXchange will feature a young and innovative company from Tijuana, Mexico–La Silla, Danza Contemporanea. The company brings with them a unique multimedia piece, entitled “H2Cero”  which includes the use of water in their dance.La silla logo

La Silla Danza Contemporánea was created in 2008 by the first generation students of Lux Boreal’s contemporary dance program. La Silla searches for its own movement style and choreography in a city full of art. The company has its home at Tijuana in Baja California and has danced in various forums in Tijuana, as well as in Mexico City and California.

Directed by Maribel Durazo, La Silla Danza has a fresh and young repertory that tries to relate with the audience, obtain a presence in the national dance scene and create new audience for contemporary dance.

Courtesy of La Silla

Photo Courtesy of La Silla Danza Contemporanea

During the month of April 2010 the company traveled to Mexico City for an artistic residency of 15 days at “La Granja Centro de Arte”, a space dedicated to create art under the direction of Gabriela Medina and Mario Villa, under which the creation and production of “H2Cero” is achieved. After a short season at UNAM; the piece was taken to Tijuana where it is premiered in July with great success. In October of 2010 “H2Cero” was part of the program INNOVACESPT which is part of Tijuana Innovadora 2010 (Innovating Tijuana 2010) and in may 2011 H2Cero was presented in Cuerpos en Transito.

And…now…in February 2013 “H2Cero” will be presented in Temecula, California at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater as part of danceXchange!

Audience members will be treated to local dance artists who will share their work, alongside La Silla.  Works by Val Carnahan and members of Avocado Dance Theatre are among the dancers sharing the stage at our monthly danceXchange showcase.

Tickets are still just $5.00 and the work is always fresh and exciting…and maybe a little wet this time!


February 19 @ 7pm

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