Dancing Community Together!



July 16th in the Inland Empire?


There is only one place to be:  Old Town Temecula Community Theater, where danceXchange takes a spin outdoors in the courtyard to celebrate local dance, original creativity, and Polynesian culture–all for just $5.00.

Puahi’s Polynesian Dance Co. will transport the audience to the Hawaiian Islands as the featured guest artist for this month.

Puahi’s Polynesian Dance Company has been teaching both Hula and Tahitian dance and culture in the Temecula Valley since 1995.  They are honored to be representing two beautiful dance cultures of Hawai’i and Tahiti.
This month’s danceXperience, a free community dance classes offered prior to danceXchange, will also feature a Hawaiian Poi Ball Dance.  Poi is the Maori word for “ball” on a cord.  It is a form of juggling where the balls are swung around the body.  The Poi dance was originally used by the Maori Women from New Zealand, for keeping their hands flexible for weaving, and they were also used as a weapon.  This open and free class will be taught by Rebecca Mishler of Majesty Dance.
Other local dance artists coming together under the stars to share movement, dance, ideas, and community are Paige Smith, Carlos Medina, Val Carnahan, Majesty Dance, Alexandra Thomsen-Wolfe, Dani Smith, among others.

Dancers of all backgrounds are welcome to join us in this informal and supportive environment.  If you would like to present at this (or a future) month’s danceXchange, email us at danceXchange.temecula@gmail.com.

danceXchange is presented every third Tuesday of every month at Old Town Temecula Community Theater and is presented by Dance Theatre Collective of Southern California and Temecula Presents.  For more information, go to www.danceXchange.net

Tickets:  $5

Tuesday, July 16th @ 7:00 PM



Come Dance With us!

We Dance Community Together!

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