Dancing Community Together!

danceXchange Welcomes NBDT

The October 15th installment of danceXchange welcomes Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre to the Temecula dance community. For more than 25 years,

Photo: "Holiday," Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre
Photo: “Holiday,” Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre

Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre has been producing a rich, textural blending of movement and theatre providing a unique and provocative experience.

They have performed throughout Europe, Mexico and the United States for over 275,000 people, and now they come to Temecula for the first time to share their work at danceXchange.

Nannette Brodie is the artistic director and principal choreographer for the company. According to Nannette, “Dance should be a celebration, an exploration of ourselves and our environment, of our culture and our world.”  On Tuesday, NBDT will be performing two pieces from their extensive repertoire.  One is a comedic duet entitled “Holiday,” with original music by Eric Ruskin.  The second work is a solo from a larger work, entitled “Romantic Reruns,” with music by The Ink Spots.

Many other local artists, who wish to share their original work with the dance community, are joining us this month.  These artists work tirelessly to create and share their art with our friendly and supportive audiences.  This month we welcome work by Renee Ferguson, Ana Sanchez, Val Carnahan, Gwendolyn Lastra, Kylie Kruger, Alexandra Thomsen-Wolfe, and Gina Marie.

danceXchange is presented in cooperation between Dance Theatre Collective of Southern California and Temecula Presents at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater.  This dance showcase is presented every third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM and is open to all dancers and all dance forms.  Interested artists should contact us to get on the program for November.


Old Town Temecula Community Theater

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

7:00 PM

Just $5

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