Dancing Community Together!

danceXchange: eclectic dance

Temecula celebrates dance the third Tuesday of each month during its eclectic danceXchange.  This month, the intimate performance moves indoors, Renuka_FireFan1to the Main Stage.  The audience sits on the stage, with the performers, who dance in a close proximity to the spectators.  This intimate setting brings a different perspective to the dancer-audience relationship, sharing the space in new and unique ways.

The featured guest artist for this month’s danceXchange is Renuka Gupta.  As a dancer, choreographer, performer, and instructor, Renuka Gupta has performed throughout Southern California at dance concerts, festivals, conferences and restaurants. Renuka has developed her own performance style integrating Arabic, Egyptian, Persian and East Indian folk dance styles into her own personal style as an Oriental dancer.

danceXchange is presented in cooperation between Temecula Presents and Dance Theatre Collective of Southern California.  This program provides an artistic space for local dancers to present new works and creative ideas through the dance medium.  In addition to Renuka Gupta’s visually stunning work, local artists performing on the November 19th program include Driven Dancers/Gwendolyn Lastra, Jose Cordero, Joseph Lister, Kylie Canales, Natalie Nobiensky, Val Carnahan, Renee Ferguson and Rebecca Mishler.  We also celebrate the return of Elena and Victor Pankey to our showcase stage.

This month’s danceXchange promises to be a vivid variety of exciting dance, with Middle Eastern styles, Argentine Tango, Russian Gypsy, Fandango, Hip Hop, Modern Dance, Dance on Film, and Spoken Word dances–there is surely something for everyone.

Tickets may be purchased ahead of time at http://www.TemeculaTheater.org, or a quick visit to the box office just before the start will get you in to the hottest ticket on a Tuesday night in Temecula–all for just $5.00!

Let’s Dance…at danceXchange!

Tuesday, November 19th

7:00 PM


Old Town Temecula Community Theater


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