Dancing Community Together!

African Dance & Drumming!

November 15
@ Old Town Temecula Community Theater

African Dance and Drumming –
A Special Highlight of this Month’s danceXchange


CHAZZ and Teresa

                            CHAZZ and Teresa

Every third Tuesday of every month, the Old Town Temecula Community Theater opens its doors to dance artists who are creating original work, as a place to share their work and dance community together! Co-produced by Temecula Presents and Dance Theatre Collective of Southern California, the showcase has developed into a workspace for dance artists of all genres throughout Southern California. Dancers regularly come from Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, and San Diego–not to mention the dancers of the Inland Valley who create some of the most beautiful dance around.

CHAZZ and Teresa
African Drum and Dance presented by CHAZZ and Teresa is a colorful and exhilarating experience into the world of African rhythms, songs, and stories. Everyone will feel the rhythm of the Serengeti sun in this African Drum and Dance experience at home in the Merc.

African drumming and rhythms presented by CHAZZ who offers an awesome performance which reflects his expertise in African music. African drumming is not only enhanced by his technical showmanship, but also by his inclusion and mastery of exotic stick, hand, and wind instruments which include: congas, bongos, timbales, djembe, dijeridoo, udo, kalimba, whistles, flutes, temple blocks, singing bowls, and harmonica. African dance and stories are brought to life with Teresa demonstrating and including her audiences in the activities. Teresa uses her gifted polycentric body to exude the “segmented inside movement” traits of complex African dance also the “movements through her whole body space,” important in European choreography. To honor her ancestry, she mastered these intricate techniques under famous instructors from Senegal, Guinea, Cameroon, and the Congo. As a dance choreographer, performer, and aficionado, Teresa shows that African dance is among the most stylized and complex art forms in the world.

Local Dancers
Each month, local dance artists share their original choreographic compositions for our friendly and supportive dance audiences. This month, we are fortunate to have work from Stacea Nelson, who will be bringing dancers performing new choreography from THE BALLET STUDIO. Majesty Dancers will also be presenting a new work, among others.


There is still space available for others wishing to share their work at this open, friendly, and important showcase opportunity. All styles are welcome. Interested dancers wishing to be included in the program this month, or next, should email us at dancexchange.temecula@gmail.com.

Tickets for danceXchange are just $5.00 and may be purchased ahead of time at http://www.temeculatheater.org. This program, at this price, will occasionally sell out. You might want to consider purchasing your tickets early.

November 15 @7:00PM
Old Town Temecula Community Theater

danceXchange is another outstanding co-production of
Temecula Presents
Dance Theatre Collective of Southern California

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