Dancing Community Together!

Navarasa Dance Theatre/Feb 21


Co-directed by Dr. Aparna Sindhoor, Anil Natyaveda and SM Raju, Navarasa Dance Theater has a wide repertoire of classical and contemporary works inspired by Bharatanatyam and folk dance forms, diverse theater traditions, world music, martial arts (Kalari ppayattu), aerial dance, yoga, live singing and storytelling. Navarasa has toured in North America, Asia and Europe and has been performing at various venues including the Bates Dance Festival, Lincoln Center, NJPAC and East West Players, USA, Teesri Duniya Theater, Canada, Amol Palekhar’s Theatre Festival and Bahuroopi, India and Cirque du Soleil famed Franco Dragone’s show in Germany. Navarasa offers classes in the U.S., India and online in Indian Classical Dances Bharatanatyam and Mohini Attam, Kalari ppayattu Martial Arts, Yoga, Contemporary and Aerial dance, and theater. Navarasa’s program Dance For Everyone offers free dance training for underprivileged children and adults. Contact navarasa@yahoo.com. http://www.navarasa.org

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