Dancing Community Together!

Temecula welcomes DAGDAG Dance and Artistic Director Jestoni Dagdag to the Merc Stage of Old Town Temecula Community Theater on February 19, 2019.


danceXchange is an informal dance showcase, presented the third Tuesday of every month and co-produced by Dance Theatre Collective of Southern California and Temecula Presents. The mission of DAGDAG Dance is to create innovative and quality works that will resonate to both dance enthusiasts and the general audience. Its vision is to collaborate across disciplines to open doors of possibilities, to think outside the box, and to maximize the wonderful experience of dance making. DAGDAG Dance aims to produce works that touch the soul, stir emotions, and even spark imagination.

Community ARTISTS performing at February’s danceXchange:

Jannah Ruiz

Dani Askelid

Joseph Lister

Rebekah Guerra

CalliOpus Dance


More about the guest artist….

Los Angeles, CA. 2018. © Ron Mariano.Jestoni Dagdag is a choreographer, dancer, and instructor based in Long Beach, Ca. He was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States at the age of 14. He was introduced to his first formal dance class at Fullerton College, and soon became deeply passionate with the artform. A few years later, he transferred to the University of California, Irvine. There, he earned a BFA in Dance Performance in 2015, and received an Excellence in Dance Performance arts award. He has danced with companies such as Shaun Boyle and Artists, Donald Mckayle’s Etude Ensemble, Multiplex Dance, Southern California Dance Theatre, Palm Dance Collective LA, and Re:borN Dance Interactive.

In 2017, DAGDAG Dance was founded with a mission of providing opportunities for dancers to work closely in a collaborative and encouraging environment. Since its inception, the company has participated in dance festivals and benefit events across Southern California. It has also been invited to perform at schools as guest company. The company’s unique style is rooted from Jestoni’s modern/contemporary and classical ballet background. Most importantly, it is also layered with unique influences that the dancers contribute during the choreographic process. As an artistic director, Jestoni hopes to bring out the best from his dancers, and to continue learning from them.


WHEN: February 19


WHERE: Old Town Temecula Community Theater | Them Merc

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